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Welcome too LiveSportAdventures, my name is Thomas Collyer and I have been a massive fan of live sport for many years. No sport is out of the question and I happily watch elite level all the way down to low level amateur sport when I can get the chance. There is something about live sport that in my opinion can not be beaten and the feeling it gives you is not matched by watching it on the big screen.

I've always dreamed of building a strong community where everyone can share their experiences and promote the love and joy they have watching live sports. 


I want people to share pictures, videos and any advice or experiences they have from the fans perspective in order to improve the live sport experience for everybody.

I personally have a goal of visiting every NHL, NBA, NFL, NBA, CFL, MLS, MLB stadium possible over the next few years, alongside other major and smaller local sporting events. ANY live sport I can get to watch and comment on I will try to show the love. Along with this I will be offering my advice and experiences on visiting the stadium, the food available, the best seats, the atmosphere created and any other information that maybe useful.

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